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  INKSOFT is the First and Only Company for Urdu and Middle Eastern Languages Services, providing Translation, Software Localization, Desktop Publishing, Voice Recording and Multilingual Software Development Solutions with specialization in Stanadarization of Subjective Translations, Glossary Management, and Complex Bi-directional Script Handling.  


We use latest tools and technology for translating subjective languages, all translations are carefully performed by in-house translators, and we are the only company in Localization Industry to have four PhD scholars as our staff members. Our service is not limited to translations, we pay special attention to cross-cultural differences, negative connotations, use of particular dialects for particular regions, and target audience.

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"Software and Mobile Localization"

We help clients thrive in the Middle East and Pakistani Market by adapting their products and software applications into any offered language.

For Perfect and Comprehensive Software Localization Services, we offer distinct workflows and separate teams for the adaptation of user-interface, help files, technical documentation, packaging and labels into the desired results.

Pakistan, one of the biggest mobile phone market in the world, with over 700 Million mobile users, as Mobile phones have short product life due to competitive nature we offer high quality multilingual mobile phones services with minimum completion time.


"Desktop Publishing"

High Quality DTP services, we are the one of the few companies to provide DTP services for the Middle Eastern Languages in their Original script for e.g. Nastaleeq, Niskh etc with strict Quality assurance. in addition, all Platforms and major DTP tools are supported.


"Voice Recording"

Superior Voice Recording services for offered Languages in our state of the art recording studio rendering native voice talent.



"Multilingual Software Development"

Interactive media development and e-learning solutions for both primary and adult literacy level are provided and we also provide solutions for Computer based Machine Translation software for subjective languages.



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