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  INKSOFT is the First and Only Company for Urdu and Middle Eastern Languages Services, providing Translation, Software Localization, Desktop Publishing, Voice Recording and Multilingual Software Development Solutions with specialization in Stanadarization of Subjective Translations, Glossary Management, and Complex Bi-directional Script Handling.  


"Standards or Subjectivity?"

Urdu is a Situation Dependant and Subjective Language, it is different from Western and other Eastern Languages. As far as its genre of translation is concerned, Urdu is a subjective language. The subjectivity of the Urdu language has made it the most difficult for the Computer Aided or Based Translation Softwares.





"Subjectivity Standardized!"

We Localize Urdu and other Middle Eastern Languages according to their Subjectivity and Situation Dependence. Perso Arabic mixing of words or choices of words depends also on writer�s subjective choice, that is why it needs the organizational effort to localize anything into Urdu. It shows �no individual translation rather a standardization�.

We use "special tools" such as Govertment approved Standard Localization Glossary for Urdu and Pashto Languages, Standard Urdu Spell Checker, Unicode based Nastleeq Font for Desktop Publishing, We are the only company to provide DTP services in Urdu Script, Commputational Grammar Code of Urdu for Machine Translation Softwares. Transliteration Codes for Middle Eastern Languages, To know further please, CLICK..HERE.



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